Royton War Memorial, Tandle Hill

As you pass Oldham you should see a monument on the hill in the distance. This is the Royton War Memorial which is at the top of Tandle Hill. It is 8.5m tall.


The memorial is one of the landmarks of the town of Royton and was erected “in memory of the men of Royton who gave their lives for the freedom and honour of their country” during the First World War. It was commissioned by the Royton War Memorial Committee and unveiled on 22 October 1921 by Edward Stanley, 17th Earl of Derby. There are no longer any names on the monument (the plaques were stolen in 1969) as these are now on a new memorial in the town.

The monument stands at the top of the Tandle Hill Country Park. This consists of approximately 110 acres and is a combination of woodland and open grassland. In fine weather conditions, it offers views of Manchester and the Welsh mountains.




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