At Junction 11 of the M62 you’ll see a tall sculpture next to the motorway. This is called ‘Encounter’ and is a symbol of the New Town plan.


The New Town Development Corporation planned to restructure the whole of Warrington. Part of this plan was a proposal to construct a network of “motorways” through the town. They were actually all-purpose A-roads, but were planned to be dual carriageway and grade-separated so would function much like urban motorways. It would have looked very much like Runcorn, another nearby New Town with its own expressway network.

Warrington’s roads never got built. The sections planned to carve through existing development were never even started and the New Town districts frequently only have open space for the roads to be provided in the future. The only one that can really be said to exist is Birchwood Way, the A574.

The sculpture aims to give the New Town development a public identity.

encounter 2




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