Birch Services

Could the Birch Services be the unluckiest service stations in the country?

On 9th October 2003 the westbound service station at Birch was completely destroyed by a deliberately started fire. Millions of pounds worth of damage was caused.

After losing large sums of cash in a fruit machine, Jason New started kicking it to get his money back. He then went to the shop and bought a lighter, promptly setting fire to the machine. By 1am, the whole westbound side of the services were alight and evacuated. It took 70 fire-fighters four hours to bring the blaze under control.The fire started at about 0130 BST on Thursday and more than 70 firefighters were tackling the blaze at its height.

birch 2003 fire

On 4th October 2011 the eastbound services caught fire causing substantial damage. This fire was believed to be caused by an electrical fault.

birch fire 2011